My Vision of Indonesia as a Wounded Tiger

In early September of 2016 at exactly 3:33am one morning I awoke with a start.  In my mind’s eye I saw a vision of a tiger emerging from the jungle with a wound in its paw.  As I looked I saw that the tiger had a thorn in its paw.  I felt that God wanted me to remove this thorn.

As I tried to help the tiger it thrashed and roared and I knew that it was going to kill me because it didn’t understand that I was trying to help it.  And, in order for the tiger to find healing, I was going to have to cause it more pain.

Finally I was able to remove the thorn.  The moment the thorn was removed the tiger realized that I was on its side.  From that moment forward the scene shifted and I and the tiger became friends.  I had found favor in its eyes.

This vision moved me to prayer.  God explicitly told me that the tiger was Indonesia.  I then asked what was this thorn that had embedded itself in the tiger’s paw.  Many ideas flooded my mind but the one that stuck and became more pronounced was Indonesia’s history of colonization and response to the foreigner.  Images of the Dutch East India Company, then World War II and Japanese Occupation, followed by Indonesia’s cold war pogram against Communism which often targeted the ethnic Chinese.

God began to speak of a new beginning for Indonesia, where He Himself would establish Indonesia’s identity.  He Himself would call out their destiny.  As I listened I realized that Indonesia was made powerful, they are meant to be a force in the world sphere.  They really are a powerful tiger endowed with authority and honor.  But Indonesia can’t enter that identity on its own.  It can only come into the fullness of God’s plans through humility as God Himself secures their identity.